Monday, 17 June 2024

Colonel-General: Majority of Armenian people no longer believe in such absurd opinions

"I do not take very seriously the revenge statements of the political circles of defeated Armenia, the representatives of the former military junta representing both the government and the opposition. Such statements are just nonsense and populism. Thanks to the steady strength, bravery, and heroism of our Armed Forces, the war ended in a complete victory over the enemy. The whole world accepts and reckons with our esteemed President's new military, political and geographical reality," Report informs, citing the Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov.

"In a recent interview, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief stressed that Azerbaijan has successfully fulfilled its historic mission and destroyed the Armenian fascism - the world's most brutal fascism. If this state and its supporters try to revive Armenian fascism, they will be destroyed immediately. President Ilham Aliyev's specific attitude to this issue is that Armenia will not be allowed to restore its military and political resources not to pose a threat again.

If we talk about security threats, let's not forget one thing. Without exception, none of the states and peoples is insured against any danger, including Azerbaijan. In other words, there are real and significant threats to the whole world against the background of global terrorism, which is expanding day by day, the constant increase of new hotbeds of conflict, the rise in the number of war victims.

One of the main directions of the activity of Azerbaijan is the organization of a joint fight against these threats. The real essence of the Patriotic War was to destroy the aggressive separatism and terrorism that threatened not only Azerbaijan but also the entire Caucasus and hindered the healthy and stable development of the Eurasian space," he stated.