Monday, 20 May 2024

Azerbaijani police find weapons, ammo left by Armenians in Jabrayi

Azerbaijani police continue to take measures to find weapons and ammunition left by the Armenian army in the Azerbaijani lands liberated during the war, the Barda regional group of the Interior Ministry’s press service told

Officers of the Jabrayil District Police Department found and seized a large number of weapons and ammunition from the excavations previously used by the enemy as a trench and storage area in the liberated administrative territory of the district.

Thus, 10 grenades of different types and their  6 shells, 6 AK-74 submachine guns, 1 RPK machine gun, 4 sniper rifles of different brands, more than 150 machine gun boxes, a total of 10,000 different caliber cartridges and other ammunition were found and confiscated.