Monday, 17 June 2024

Defense Minister's Partner Arrested in Armenia for Supplying Low-quality Weapons

The National Security Service of Armenia detained the businessman David Galstyan known as Patron Davo, who is accused of supplying the Ministry of Defense with old and unusable artillery shells.

David Galstyan, being the chairman of the board of a company registered abroad, in order to steal funds on an especially large scale, concluded a contract with the Ministry of Defense for the supply of artillery shells produced in 1983-1986. However, in fact, the old 1977 shells were delivered.

These shells caused the failure of the Armenian side, and the supplier earned more than a million dollars from this.

It is also noted that the National Security Service is also investigating other criminal cases of abuses committed in deliveries to the Ministry of Defense using corruption mechanisms.

The opposition of Armenia has repeatedly reported that the Ministry of Defense is purchasing old or unsuitable military equipment. At the same time, purchases are made through Galstyan, who is a business partner of Defense Minister David Tonoyan.